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This is my first step to participate in the world of Internet. I am still a school student doing grade 9 and I was born in 1983. I am from Sultanate of Oman and live in Rumais. My English is not good enough that allows me to make a good homepage yet. But I am getting some help from my older brother, Humaid Al-Balushi, who already got two homepages hanging on the net. His homepages are "The Golden Palace" and " A Minimized World ".I promise you that I will make a very good homepage very soon insha Allah. Just give me sometime and give me some support and you will like everything I add to my homepage. I am not sure what kind of information I am going to add to my homepage but I can surprise you with some magic soon. History is very important and we all must care about it and therefore I am going to feed your brains with the following points for today. Have fun and come back soon.




The Famous Scientists of Arabia.



Story of Coffee.



Story of Tea.



Have a look at the following baby dancing Makarena, but don't laugh please.

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